Texas: Next Circle session Wednesday March 16th, 7 pm/ Nueva reunión del Círculo en Tejas el miércoles 16 de marzo, a las 7 de la tarde

Dear carlists and friends of the Holy Cause,

First of all, thank you to those who were able to make it to Mass last Thursday on a work day. Many thanks as well to those who couldn’t make it but offered their prayers and intentions to the good Lord in remembrance of the Martyrs of Tradition; those brave men and women who died defending God, Fatherland, and King.

H.R.H. Prince Sixtus Henry offered public words of encouragement and perseverance to all to this effect. The full article is here below in Spanish: Mensaje de Don Sixto Enrique de Borbón con motivo de la fiesta de los Mártires de la Tradición – La Esperanza (periodicolaesperanza.com)

See here below for an English translation;

«I address you, my loyal Carlists, in order to to join you in the prayers being offered for the Martyrs of Tradition throughout the old Spanish kingdoms according to the dispositions of King Charles VII. For many years in the past I accompanied you in these occasions, which were very moving because of the enthusiasm and devotion they gathered. I deeply regret that during the last two years these meetings had to be cancelled for the reasons we all know. I shall not be with you this year either. Domestic circumstances and medical advice force me to postpone my visit until next year, God willing.

I would like to send you a message in light of the public acts of the Traditionalist Communion in the last few months. Our Communion has the same enemies it always has had. However, they do not present themselves in the same fashion they used to. The current Liberal hegemony is such that old Communists have embraced Liberalism themselves. Even if they add, as I have said it before, Collectivism to Liberalism. The reactions that arise in this situation are also fruitless because they are also damaged by Liberalism. Many do not want to see it, but it is obvious to those who still retain a sense of traditio.

On the other hand, we must continue to cultivate our original anti-Liberalism. And to do so at all levels. Religiously,  as our holy religion is attacked by a lowly metamorphosis of Modernism. Culturally, as I celebrate the work and competence of our loyals. Internationally, as we see the power strategies of Western globalists creating endless conflicts for which they blame others. Politically, as the chaos that the current regime creates has lead us to this situation, hence it could never be the solution. Socially, as we see the attacks on the family and the destruction of the person itself who becomes a target for new and oppressive means of social control. There will always be those who refuse to recognize the obvious, and that make the claim that we are just nothing else but a bunch of puritans and snobbish people. It is not true.

The Traditionalist Communion will always be in act of service, and welcome whatever is left of sanity in this world. But, it will never do it at the expense of embracing the current dominant errors. That is the reason why, what these dire times we live in demand is perseverance and discipline. I encourage you to foster them with generosity and a spirit of sacrifice, on the day we remember those who sacrificed their lives for the Holy Cause».

Sixtus Henry of Bourbon.

Lignieres, March 10th, 2022


In Light of these words from H.R.H., we will get together next Wednesday March 16th at 7 pm to pursue our next circle session. The topic, you guessed it….will be «Liberalism». Please prepare it, by reading the book «Liberalism is a sin».

Here it is a free pdf link for those who do not have the book:  ~Liberalism is a Sin~

I do highly recommend to buy it though!!

Looking forward to seeing y’all!

Eduardo Ordoñez, Traditionalist Carlist Circle «Camino Real de Tejas»

versión en español

Queridos carlistas y amigos de la Santa Causa,

Antes que nada, quiero agradeceros a todos los que asististeis a Misa el pasado jueves, en un día laborable. Mi agradecimiento también para todos los que, aunque no pudieron ir, rezaron a Dios y encomendaron en su oración a los Mártires de la Tradición: todos esos valientes, hombres y mujeres, que murieron en defensa de Dios, la patria y el rey. 

S.A.R. Don Sixto Enrique de Borbón hizo público un mensaje de ánimo, con una llamada a la perseverancia. El artículo completo se puede leer en esta entrada de La Esperanza. Guiados por estas palabras de S.A.R., nos reuniremos este próximo miércoles 16 de marzo a las 7 de la tarde, para continuar con nuestra próxima reunión del Círculo. El tema lo habéis adivinado… será «el Liberalismo».

Por favor, preparadla leyendo el libro «El Liberalismo es pecado». Recomiendo que lo compréis. 

¡Espero veros a todos!

Eduardo Ordoñez, Traditionalist Carlist Circle «Camino Real de Tejas»