Month of Christ the King: The Dogma of Christ the King and Catholic Politics (IX)

The Savior with the Eucharist between Melchizedek and Aaron (Museo del Prado)

Originally published by: LA ESPERANZA October 9, 2021

9. I wonder. How is it that Christ allowed men to continue ruling civil matters? How is it that the almighty Christ the King leaves the determination of political affairs in other hands? In spiritual matters, which make up the ultimate end of man, Christ governs by himself as head of His Church, to no one has He entrusted (except Peter, the apostles and His heirs) the salvation of souls, the administration of sanctifying grace.

It is the «end» to which all other aspects of human life are ordered as the «means». It is, if the expression is allowed, «the final end», that is why it is said last, because all the others lead to it.

Juan Fernando SegoviaConsejo de Estudios Hispánicos Felipe II

Translation by Alférez Matthew ScullinCírculo Carlista Camino Real de Tejas