Symbol of Multiplication (IV) Individualism, Divisions and Consequences

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Originally published by: Círculo Sacerdotal Cura Santa Cruz March 19, 2021

As a countermeasure to what God has ordered, the Devil unites what is separated: he unites the disowned with the disowned, and seeks other unions against nature, which Saint Paul asks us not to even mention among ourselves. In this way, they make common cause, like Herod and Pilate, left and right, socialists and capitalists, united in the same objective; the destruction of the Christian order. In this way they continue to open gaps, with fallacies and dialectics. In scandalous act of ecumenical commerce they put Buddha on the Tabernacle; and on the same lectern, next to the Bible, they placed the Koran and the Talmud, which has caused so much chaos among souls.

Priests and missionaries, separating action from contemplation, threw themselves into frenetic humanitarian and social action, where solidarity replaced charity; mercy with justice, and in the end all were bastardized. In this same sense, philanthropy ignored the importance of the eternal destiny of souls. Many have been the enthusiastic gardeners who, trying to bring water to the furthest souls, have pulled the hose too far; detaching it from the faucet; they disconnected it from the living source of all graces. They should remember that the symbol of the Christian par excellence is the Cross, which is made up of two lines, one horizontal and the other vertical; in such a way that, if we lose the vertical, which unites God with man, the horizontal that embraces souls cannot be sustained. The secularization of consecrated persons has dramatic consequences. The salt of the earth loses its flavor and identity, leaving aside the habits that symbolize death to the world. Our Lord prayed to the Father, not to remove them from the world, but to preserve them evil. But today laymen and priests are all mixed up, all wallowing in the same mud. In this sense, it is appropriate here to remember the union between the Altar and the Throne: they can be distinguished, but not separated, to help souls reach their ultimate goal.

Also, based on his individualism, man separates what God had united: by legalizing divorce, rupture was introduced in many homes. Division was not only introduced in marriages, but also in patrimonies. Dissolving, with divorce, the unity of the spouses and dividing the patrimony, they ended the unity of the families.

Abandoning their native land, their fields and their towns, they emigrated to cities to live in apartments and, before they are dead, they keep them in tombs. They left the geography empty when, tempted and pushed by the liberal system, they became anonymous urbanites. They sold their freedom dearly…!

In urban agglomerations, spiritual growth is difficult, because it is very difficult to love a neighbor whom you do not even know. Living in the polis, with Babylonian overtones of chaos and confusion, and community social ties broken, men have only one political fiction left: that of voting. Overcrowded in the cities, they are persuaded that we do not fit on earth, that there are too many of us and we are surplus. The ecological ideology convinces them that they are destroying the Planet, when in reality they have abandoned the fields. And to those who have heroically stayed, from their offices, the arbitrary technocrats teach them how they should treat nature. In order to live on earth, the help of others is needed, which strengthens human ties; because the earth devours the one who lives alone, unless he is a hermit. Life in the city, which is the composition of the ideal place for that monster that is individualism to grow, is good for the System, which prefers to keep the urbanite in the bubble of artificial civilization, an empire of vanity, where the official eats, even if the task is poorly done; but, on the other hand, the peasant dies of hunger if he loses the harvest. In big cities it is very difficult to know the truth without the foundation of vital reality.

With laws that were used as a legal weapon, the English imposed on the Irish Catholics the obligation to divide their hereditary assets equally, in order to guarantee the extinction of those men who drew their strength from the clan that made them strong, worthy of fear and respect. This is what has been imposed globally and, unfortunately, it is already the norm. Denying the difference between commutative and distributive justice, wealth, which was the patrimony of families, became private property, and then currencies divided that patrimony that sustained the vital family unit. To make matters worse, there will always be someone who felt wronged in the distribution and, through greed and spite, will lose his grandmother’s chair, the porcelain vase and, saddest of all, his brother.

Let us remember the biblical scene in which two mothers dispute over the living child, and Solomon, a teacher of justice through his discernment, knows that the evil spirit is in the one who wants half of the child, since she does not have the heart of a mother. In his wisdom, he deduces that the real mother is the one who is willing to lose her son, lest her son lose his life. How many deadly divisions occur in all areas when hypocritical and selfish individualism masquerades as justice? Unfortunately, we do not always have the wisdom of Solomon to save the day, nor the noble generosity of that mother’s heart.

When currency is allotted, families and towns are left in ruins, at the mercy of the greed of the enemy, who appropriates the booty; and those who were lords, enjoying freedom in their geography, end up enslaved in the service of a tyrant. Revolutionary equality stripped the peoples from the monarchy and, abolishing primogeniture, imposed egalitarian democracy, which disintegrated the family with the utopia of an equally revolutionary fraternity. By dividing the patrimony among several sons, they became weak and vulnerable, like those kingdoms that lost their strength and splendor when divided by a father. The storms of modernism and the hurricane of passions came with their violence, not only to break the branches of the family tree that projected towards tomorrow, but also cut the life-giving roots that anchored it in yesterday. They were eradicated, left lying around, dry and inert, and are only suitable for sheltering varmints and vermin, or being used as kindling for the fire.

Liberalism not only dissolved the patrimony of families and surnames by means of «legal» instruments and state arguments, turning it into private properties under a single name, but also, with the iniquitous and successive expropriations, confiscated the patrimony of the religious families, which are those formed with spiritual ties. This ecclesiastical patrimony had increased with the succession of generations thanks to donations from the faithful and proper administration. This was a set of essential assets to support the clergy and worship, churches and pious works, to educate and care for the sick, to watch over the orphan and the widow, with the consequent social influence on the beneficiaries and the building of the parishes. The liberal confiscators, in addition to acting motivated by greed, thinking about the monetary value of ecclesiastical goods, were above all driven by the greed for the influence and spiritual power that the Church exercised over the Christian community. The moral and spiritual ascendancy and the authority exercised by the Church has since been usurped by that ethereal and deleterious entity called the State that, with an air of pardoning lives, cruelly erases the Church’s presence by increasingly reducing its sources of subsistence. Freemasonry not only stripped the Vatican of all territorial establishment, but also the monasteries and parishes, with the fallacy that their influence should be only spiritual. It is very sad to see that liberalism has managed to get ecclesiastics to have accepted this and its presuppositions.

Taking nations as a reference, which magnify the consequences of family breakups, we find a very eloquent example in the two Americas, the North and the South. We can see how in Hispanidad, where the soul was Catholic, Apostolic and Roman, Masonic intentions and liberal ideas led to the ferment of independence, dismembering the body that sustained the soul. But further north, the children of darkness, more cunning than the children of light, founded the United States, the latter was very united, and in this way, effective instruments of liberalism, without limits in their interventionism, they expanded the deleterious influence of sects and lodges for Hispanic and Catholic America.

Immersed as we are in the world, penetrated by its liberal spirit, the salt of the earth loses its flavor and identity; individualism, with which «he who divides» segregates us from natural and supernatural communions, and has a certificate of citizenship, since it is supported and protected by iniquitous laws. This individualism has multiple faces and varied manifestations, supported by disordered passions: Pride, the common root of vanity; selfishness, self-love, self-justification, self-will, self-interest. At the origin of each and every one there is always the arrogance of Non serviam, which brings with it the ontological destruction of one’s own person, since, by nature, man is, as Aristotle defines him, a political animal. As a logical and natural result of self-love to the point of contempt for God, man finds his ruin in sin as punishment.

Filled with vanity and trusting in our own self-justification, we despise the legacy of our elders; although, on the bases and foundations of the teachers and doctors who preceded us, we have the possibility of seeing further from above. Furthermore, he who is a master of himself becomes a disciple of an idiot. One mistake that those who cultivate many sciences never make is to despise the advances that their predecessors had achieved. However, in the sciences of the soul, innovators emerge who believe that there may be something new under the sun, and that they, ex nihilo, have discovered the philosopher’s stone that will lead them to success, even if it is nothing more than a mirage. They are lost and will perish in a desert, where they do not stop turning in vicious circles, without ever leaving the labyrinth.

The emancipatory spirit of the revolution has penetrated very deeply in our young people, who, without taking into account the obligations of the fourth commandment, dishonor their parents and, under the influence of the burning passions of adolescence; they are rebels without a cause, tyrants and despots, refusing to be polite and responding to parental corrections with «stay out!»

Contemporary millennials, children of equality and fraternity, in the name of freedom do not recognize any authority. Disregarding all hierarchy, they multiply autonomous and anarchic initiatives, because they dislike the development of organic structures that could restrict their personal ambition. They presumptuously establish themselves as founders of congregations, groups and movements, because they prefer to be the head of a mouse, rather than the tail of the lion. In a Machiavellian spirit they exploit whatever they can: the Cause and even the Holy Spirit Himself. Lacking all prudence and advice, they recklessly access positions of responsibility without being called or trained. And they are followed, supported and voted for, while we should know that their election is not trustworthy, because «he is not good who recommends himself». Lacking the call, the virtues and the state of grace, necessary to fulfill such a delicate mission, they lead many lives to failure and, of course, they act to the detriment of the common good. Ultimately, this is a symptom of great irresponsibility, because, holding a common flag, they really serve a particular cause, which will last as long as their compulsive and irresponsible outburst continues. They tend to have an ephemeral existence and leave disappointment and skepticism among their proselytes. They deceive their neighbors, whom they immolate for the benefit of their personal and particular purposes. These millennials and those who act in this manner, make principles laughable, and clumsily tarnish the purest ideals. Their followers are lazy gullibles who rest when they abdicate their will and renounce discernment; because they let others decide and impose their criteria. They remain outside the life-giving, mutual and dynamic influence of the Communion.

Thus described, this social situation will inevitably lead us to a war of all against all, devouring each other by famished egoisms, within a frantic fight for individual survival; plunged into despair, seeing ourselves stripped even of what is vital, indispensable and necessary, of that which allows us to survive. A universal «every man for himself». Let us not forget that «He who divides» is the prince of this world and, in addition to being the father of lies, is a murderer from the beginning, and wants to establish his kingdom of death not only in souls, but also by ending the lives of the bodies of others. And when there does not remain a stone upon a stone from this society, as Catholics, we will not even be able to go and cry and lament ourselves at the walls of ruin. In fact, we still have time to combat this deleterious individualism, and our lives depend on it.

(To be continued)

Rev. Fr. José Ramón García Gallardo, Chaplain of the Traditionalist Youth. Royal Chaplain.

Translation by Alférez Matthew Scullin, Carlist Circle Camino Real de Tejas.