The Nativity, Reason for Hope

Adoration of the Shepherds, Rembrandt (1646)

Originally published by: LA ESPERANZA December 26, 2021

Christ is born. We celebrate this Christmas feast for another year, a specially marked day that reminds us of the greatness of a being as small, vulnerable and as a simple child. Apparently, there are many reasons that could lead us to despair, due to the difficult circumstances to which we are subjected.

For those Catholics who fight for the Peace of Christ in the Kingdom of Christ, doubt and discouragement can assail us more frequently, because sometimes we do not feel visible fruits. However, this very important day of the year lifts us up and gives us the necessary strength to spread the name of God in all aspects of life. «All the ends of the Earth have seen the victory of our God,» reads the Gradual of the Christmas Day Mass.

That is why Carlism has never sought human glories or mundane projects. The reasons why today it is still more alive than ever are not due to dynastic fixations or pseudo-intellectual eccentricities. No. The reason for the firmness of Carlism is the fight for the glory of God here on Earth. Carlism does not give its life to the establishment of a Monarchy for strictly political reasons, but because it knows that Christ is King, and that the Hispanic Monarchy has been the way in which Spain has honored Him throughout history.

 «They shall perish but thou remainest.» Carlism does not place its hope in specific people who can fail in combat, but in the One who cannot deceive Himself or deceive us, because He knows that victory is certain in this way. May this Christmas Day remind us of all the reasons we have for hope in a victory that we know will come even though we cannot see it with our own eyes, because we have confidence in that Child to whom all the kings of the earth pay homage.

Antonio de Jaso, Navarra

Translation by Alférez Matthew ScullinCírculo Carlista Camino Real de Tejas.