Women and politics


Several women inside a church. Photo: María Langarica

Editorial published on October 16, 1955 in issue 16 of the magazine MARGARITAS, CRUZADA DE LA MUJER CARLISTA. 


The phrase: “Women don’t understand politics” does not work for the Margaritas. If by politics is understood not as the trickery of the ruse, of deceit, of the tripwire that lurks, to make useless, the disinterested effort of the best, but truth, honor and righteousness stamping its seal on the life of the citizenry. The Margaritas do not know nor want to know about politicking, but they know, want and must know about “politics”, in all caps. Because they will be, or already are, wives who have to encourage their husbands in their fervor for the patriotic ideal. Because, in short, they are responsible Christian women.

A mother educates her children on how to live. And life does not end at home. The home is in peril when truth and justice are endangered in the streets. It is necessary to defend truth and justice in the public square, because inside the home and especially in Spain there are still women capable of making them respected. Now then; to defend, to propagate, to advocate truth and justice on the streets, to the point of dying in the effort, if necessary, until truth and justice shine pure, immaculate in the eyes of all, as a mirror of Christian living and sentiment in the individual and in society, is nothing more and nothing less than politics, authentic politics. Who will dare to say then those Christian women, the Margaritas, do not understand politics?

To extinguish in Man the fire of enthusiasm for the triumph of truth, he was told that religion had nothing to do with politics. To diminish the influence of Christian women in society, it was asserted that women do not, and should not, understand politics. Carlists have never thought the former. The Margaritas will not have to experience the latter. On the contrary: they will have to achieve that every day there are more and more women who know and want to understand politics. In the politics of truth and justice, in the triumph of the Kingdom of God.

Translated by Daniel Rodríguez.

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