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our next study circle will be April 19th, Wednesday, 7 pm

Dear members of “Camino Real de Tejas” and friends of the Carlist cause,

Hope everyone is entering this Holy Week with the work done!!

St. Ignatius of Loyola teaches that it is in giving thanks to GOD, adoring and reverencing Him, and doing His Will that we will attain Eternal Life. To thank Him is our duty, to adore Him is our greatness, and to do His will is Our happiness. I hope this Lent has served us to identify and remove out of our lives anything in between that does not align with this Christian mission.

Speaking of Holy Week, please be attentive to your parish’s Holy Week schedule in advance. Your attendance is very important for a number of reasons. From this Circle, we want to highlight one particularly: How upsetting it is to the liberal mentality. The resetting of Humanity that Our Lord Jesus Christ did is an historical truth the anti-Kingdom of God cannot override or undo. We come from God, we belong to God, and the God-Man Jesus established the path to our Heavenly destination. The pretension of man to give to himself a different law from what God has revealed is a tremendous sin that has permeated our societies at all levels. Holy Week is the visual, spiritual, and public reminder that death deprives man from all his rights but cannot do anything to the rights of GOD.

On the other hand, let me give you a brief update on several activities during the month of March:

Firstly, we have updated our Carlist Crest design to better reflect our Texas heritage. Please read at: New Coat of Arms Design for the Traditionalist Carlist Circle Camino Real de Tejas – La Esperanza (

Secondly, since the second Saturday of this month falls in Holy Saturday, we will NOT be doing the monthly rosary marches for the consecration of the state of Texas to the Sacred Heart of Jesus. Please mark your calendars for May 13th as our next rosary march date and June 24th, Saturday, for our first family pilgrimage to San Antonio, the historical Catholic capital of Texas. For more information regarding our initiative please visit: Consecrate Texas – Sacred Heart of Jesus, Have Mercy on Us!

When we do these rosary marches we put a public intention to each mystery. The intention for the first mystery of the Sorrowful mysteries, the Agony, is for the virtue of Purity and Modesty in all Texans. In this regard, please read the interesting English translations that Daniel Rodriguez Guerra has made for “La Esperanza”: Beauty and modesty, the splendor of a Catholic woman – La Esperanza (

We are continuing our efforts to get Catholics in Texas acquainted with the Venerable Mary of Jesus Agreda. She was a major figure in bringing the one true faith to the overseas territories of the Spains, Texas among them. Please read the article that Alferez Scullin has pinned for “La Esperanza” here: The Lady in Blue/ La dama de azul – La Esperanza (

We have been informed just recently by a friend of this Circle that the push for her canonization is well underway. There will be an international conference about the Venerable Mary of Jesus Agreda organized at the Pontifical Antonianum University in Rome, September 28-30. In fact, sources confirmed a future meeting between a Spanish priest and our Holy Father Pope Francis regarding her future Canonization. If that happens, we will have a powerful intercessor for our most beloved land of Texas.

This Circle also celebrated a big feast honoring the Martyrs of Tradition on March 11. A celebration centered on the defense of the rights of Christ the King and the promotion of a Christian understanding of the Community.  This feast day was instituted by H.C.M. Charles VII in 1895 to remember those who died defending the Carlist motto: God, Fatherland, Fueros, and King. We published a chronicle of the day here: Chronicle of the Feast of the Martyrs of Tradition in Texas/ Crónica de la celebración por Mártires de la Tradición en Tejas – La Esperanza (

During this day, we prayed for the healing of H.R.H. Prince Sixtus Henry Bourbon, the nephew of Blessed Karl of Austria, and Legitimate claimant to the Spanish Crown, who being ill, could not attend the main events organized in the beautiful town of Valencia:

Also as part of the ongoing celebrations for the martyrs of Tradition, we honored St. Patrick’s day on March 17th, Friday. We celebrated the longtime tradition of support between faithful Irish Catholics and the Carlist Cause. See article here from Alferez Scullin: Honoring Irish Martyrs of Tradition on the Feast of Saint Patrick/ Honrando a los mártires irlandeses de la tradición en la fiesta de San Patricio – La Esperanza (

Finally, our next study circle will be April 12, Wednesday, 7 pm. If there is a particular topic you are interested in, please feel free to reply to this email and let me know. This will be the last study circle before summer starts. We will resume classes in September. Daniel Rodriguez Guerra has published a good summary of topics related to the Cause at our website:

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