Letter on the Presidential Election in Argentina (II)


Javier Milei. Photo: Mariana Eliano

Many friends speak to me of a pragmatic position in the face of these perverse characters. The great concern that this position causes me, and the great affection for my friends, have led me to begin these reflections. Should we take a “pragmatic” position, hiding the fact that we have limits as servants of the Lord, under the pretense that this will allow us to do healthy work in the sphere of the wicked?

We never achieve one thing or the other. We have only succeeded in silencing what should be a clear and public testimony in favor of the Kingship of Christ. We have only succeeded in preaching that form of liberalism which separates the sphere of personal faith from public action. We go to Mass (and traditional!), but we say, “God should not be involved in all decisions.” As if His Providence were not present in all decisions!

What would the Church, or a virtuous Pope, say to us if he saw us advocating and supporting the arrival in the government of an unknown man, educated by unknown organizations, who declares himself a Judaizer and renounces his Catholic education and culture and his love for the Church of Christ? Would he praise us for supporting a man who publicly declares that the Church must be separated from the State in the Constitution, and who adopts as “values” some of our common postulates along with others that are completely contrary to Christian morality? What is left of the consideration of the Jewish question, of his temporal action against Christ the King, of his satanic affiliation, of the restoration of the State of Zion, of his plans for territoriality outside “Israel”, of the perversity of Jewish supremacy, of his globalist ambitions, of the concept of the “goyim”, of his messianism in favor of the Antichrist?

The enemy knows how to act. As a companion on the road, he uses the moral support and religious guarantee of the figure of Victoria Villarruel, who raises some of our other flags, while giving in on issues such as the LGBT agenda or the religious equality between Catholicism and Judaism, which she accompanies in her annual religious celebrations. Is Victoria a moral reference, can we say with her, according to her, “yes or no” to good or evil, as she suggests? We Catholics are used to seeing saints and sinners, virtuous and traitors, wretches and great men kneeling side by side in the confessional. Our guarantee is neither the just nor the sinner, our guarantee is the orthodox doctrine and morality of the Church, which we must never contradict, even if a Pope or an angel says otherwise. It is clear that in prudential matters there are gray areas, but Milei does not have them: everything in him is definite.

Besides, do we really believe that in a system of government of alternation with short periods constantly interrupted by elections, in a system in which the ruler does not make the laws or administer justice, that a hypothetical positive influence of Victoria can change anything definitively? I accept the argument that God acts in His own way, and this could be one; but what if it is just another illusion, a placebo to get us away from the clear definition of the Catholic common good?

I completely agree that if Victoria gains access to power, it is licit to cooperate with her actions within the framework of the common good and as long as nothing is asked against the Faith; but I doubt that it is licit to put her in government (if we accept that votes are the way to access power).

Finally, what remains of our vocation to be the light of nations, to dedicate all our efforts to build the City of God, to proclaim to men the Kingship of Our Lord Jesus Christ, to raise our voices to bear witness to His Cross? I wonder if it will not remain hidden in the background of a prudential pragmatism that does not even assure us of the benefits of community, since, as we have already said, Milei does not completely deny objectives such as the Agenda 2030, nor some of its specific contents.

What happens to the vigor of our Faith, to the moral strength of our convictions, that while bizarre groups go out to impose their doctrines, each one more bizarre and regrettable, we do not dare to proclaim loudly and with great conviction the only true doctrine, the only one capable of bringing justice to the people and correcting discord? Why do we live in an almost shameful way, when confronting liberals of all kinds and old and new Marxists with our ideas, which are wiser, more accurate, better and healthier for the social order, and we force ourselves to work in the shadows, infiltrating other structures and acting with the spirit of one who wants to keep his convictions secret? “As if everything that benefits the Church does not benefit humanity” (St. Pius X).

What should be done? As far as voting is concerned, let each one decide according to their conscience; for me and mine, I plead again and again to abstain from active or passive participation in the elections. With regard to the areas of political work, let us continue to do what we know how to do: let our families grow and educate themselves, let us gather in associations and form schools that jointly reject the changes coming even from Rome and remain firm on the path of the Faith, let us work in clubs and intermediary associations, in truly pro-life alliances and in municipal organizations that show the benefit of the Faith, transforming and influencing our neighbors and everyone to regenerate society until God disposes. May professionals and workers be examples in their professions. And may charity toward all be our distinguishing mark.

I long for the rise of a courageous and firm man and a group of followers who will set as the goal of their government Justice tempered by Charity and the restoration of the institutions in the natural order willed by Christ, an order elevated to the supernatural, which is the vehicle for the salvation of souls.

I conclude by imploring a prayer for the enemies of the fatherland, for all the candidates for the government of the nation, for the anti-Catholics, for the non-Catholics, and for the Catholics who support personalities who are so anti-Christian in their past, in their recent public actions, and in their postulates for future actions. What do we Catholics do alongside them, if not pray to God for their conversion?

Antonio González

Translated by the San Jerónimo Guild

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