Month of Christ the King: The Dogma of Christ the King and Catholic Politics (XXIV)

Arturo Sosa Abascal, superior general of the jesuits. Compañía de Jesús en Hispanoamérica

Originally published by: LA ESPERANZA October 24, 2021

24. There are finally Catholics who take refuge in an otherworldly Christ the King, because His Kingdom is not of this world, it is a kingdom beyond time, a cosmological Kingdom, if you will. It is also messianic, parousiac, expected, and not actual. It is the promised Kingdom of the end of times when the Messiah in His second coming will have judged men and nations (Rev. 11, 15).

Juan Fernando Segovia, Consejo de Estudios Hispánicos Felipe II

Translation by Alférez Matthew ScullinCírculo Carlista Camino Real de Tejas