New Coat of Arms Design for the Traditionalist Carlist Circle Camino Real de Tejas

Here we offer a brief explanation of its meaning

1- The 7 stars with 7 corners each star honoring Our Lady of Guadalupe’s mantle and, her 7 sorrows.
2-The Alamo honoring the original San Antonio de Valero Spanish mission.
3-The water representing Rio Grande, where San Juan Bautista and San Bernardo’s missions were established.
4-The Blue Bonnets representing the beautiful national flower of Texas.
5-The Golden Fleece representing the royal membership of the legitimate Bourbon House.
6-The Cross of Burgundy representing the flag of the Spains and the venerable continuity of Christendom.
7-The Crown representing traditional monarchy honoring God, Fatherland, Fueros and the legitimate King, HRH Prince Sixtus Henry Bourbon.

Traditionalist Carlist Circle Camino Real de Tejas

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